Established in 2003, Yocorn Food enterprise Pte Ltd specialized in food and beverage distribution for restaurants and hotels as a trading company. Following a service goal of “Your health, Your choice”, Yocorn cooperates with some large enterprises that produce healthy food and always choose high-quality products to ensure the products are in strict standard of no preservatives, no additional colors, and no chemical.

Yocorn is dedicated to providing healthy food in the procurement and distribution of the food supply chain and creates first-class healthy living standards and culture. Based on the ideology of “People can not survive without knowing the benefits of food”, Yocorn Food Enterprise Pte Ltd was established as a trading company in the food industry. It is impossible to establish its own customer group in the competitive market without an outstanding business concept. However, with the notice of the supply deficiency of dessert in the market, Yocorn decided to enter the market with its dessert supply.

Thanks to the high quality and healthy concept of its products, Yocorn was recognized and occupied the market in a short time. Yocorn made a lot of research in hotels and learned from brainstorming to improve the products for better quality. Yocorn offers not only serries of frozen dessert without preservatives, but also extends its business scope to seafood, ingredients,drinks and all kinds of processing food to further expand its market share.

Up till now, Yocorn already has own attorneyship for six well-known brands and cooperates with the scientific research personnel for New Product Development. Doing business in the food supply chain is about the conscience which makes quality control extraordinary critical. In order to provide safe and trustworthy products to customers, Yocorn cooperates with its suppliers in Japan, China, and Thailand to ensure quality from the upper supply chain for the accomplishment of the top level of quality management. The main product of Yocorn is Frozen Processed Seafood, Dessert, Japanese Seasoning, and Noodle products.

Among all kinds of products Yocorn provides, the Taiwan dessert of Yuki & Love and the Udon noodles of TableMark as well as the seasoning become Yocorn’s popular products to customers. The producing process of Udon products in Yocorn are congregating the six traditional Japanese noodles processing technology -- kneading, threading, pressing, cutting, boiling, and scooping up, with imported quality wheat flour ensured without additives, special udon freezing technology, present to you typical udon Japanese flavor Udon, while transparent with smooth mouth-feeling. The Mochi of Yuki & Love are silky smooth on the tongue with a complex flavor that reached a balance that is never too sweet or too light, lingering on the lips.

Yocorn cares about every detail of the products to the highest standard resulting in the signature taste and customer satisfaction.

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