[YOCORN] [Bundle of 3] Edamame ( Green Soybean ) - 500g / 1pkt

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1 PKT - 500g

I. Edamame contains unsaturated fatty acids. They can improve fat meta-
bolism, help to reduce the body of triglycerides and cholesterol;
2. Edamame contains ecithin. Soft phospholipids help to improve the brain's
memory and intelligence levels;
3. Edamame is also rich in dietary fiber can improve the constipation;
4. Potassium content in Edamame is high. Edamame can help compensate
for the loss of potassium due to excessive sweating, so as to ease the loss
of potassium caused by fatigue and loss of appetite;
5. The iron in the beans is easy to absorb and can be added as one of the
children's iron supplements:
6. Edamame contain compounds that remove fat from the walls of the blood
vessels, thereby lowering blood fat and reducing the cholesterol in the blood.

Fresh Edamame. Growing in sunny natural farms.
No chemical contamination.
We have professional mechanical, professional workers.
Follow the strict workflow to grow the best Edamame.

Name: Edamame / Green Soybean
Gross Weight: 500g / pkt ( weight loss after thawing )
After thawing can be eaten.
For better taste, it is recommended that you boa for
I minute with boiling water.

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