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[YOCORN] [Bundle of 2] Ebi Fry M / Frozen Bread Shrimp/ Torpedo Prawn (20g x 10pcs/pkt) - Frozen-Halal

S$ 15.60

INFOMATION Name: Ebi fry / Frozen Bread Prawn Gross Weight: 400g/pkt (I Opcs/pkt) Length Approx: 12cm/pc We do deliver Monday-...

[YOCORN] Yellow Rice Vegetable Dumpling 大黄米蔬菜煎饺 (500Gx2PKT/Bundle) - Frozen

S$ 13.80

Ingredients:Wheat flour, water, Cabbage, soybean, protein, onion, carrot, soybean oil, chive, garlic, sugar, soy sauce, ginger, pumpkin, powder, salt, starch.Allergen:Containing...

[YOCORN] Boiled Scallop Meat 日本凍煮小扇貝肉 (1KG/PKT) (100-120PCS/PKT) - Japan - Frozen

S$ 17.50

Boiled Scallop Meat Weight: 1Kg/PKT (100-130PCS/PKT) Made in Japan. We do deliver Monday- Saturday (excluding PH and Sunday.) Time Slot:...

[YOCORN] Tako Yaki Ball (10PCS x 2PKT/ Bundle) - Frozen

S$ 6.54

Original from Japan.Weight : 20G*10PCS/ PKT (2PKT/BUNDLE)We do deliver Monday- Saturday (excluding PH and Sunday.) Time Slot: 10AM -7PMIf order...

[YOCORN] Octopus Balls / Tako Yaki Ball ( 1KG ) - HALAL

S$ 15.90

Takoyaki (f: & ) is a Japanese snack in the shape of little round balls containing pieces of octopus. Tako-yaki...

[YOCORN] Ika Geso (Squid Feet Karaage) (1KG/PKT) - Frozen

S$ 15.20

Dietary Needs sugar free Highlights You can fry it, a simple and delicious dish. You can mix any sauces and...

[YOCORN] Grilled Eel Fillet / Unagi Kabayaki - Big Pieces - Japanese Famous - Best Sales

S$ 15.90

Unagi (eel) has been enjoyed by the Japanese for ten centuries (since the Edo period). It is popular as a...

[YOCORN] Yaki Tori - Literally Grilled Chicken (20PCS/PKT)

S$ 15.80

Yakitori g ) literally means grilled chic ken and also refers to skewered food in general. Yaki- tori is commonly...

[YOCORN] Squid tentacle Jiant Boiled 脆口熟鱿鱼须 (500G x 2PKT / Bundle)- Frozen

S$ 13.20

We do deliver Monday- Saturday (excluding PH and Sunday.) Time Slot: 3pm-7pm (Monday-Saturday)If order is placed on Saturday, delivery will...

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