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Tender Oven-Baked Prime Iberico Pork Ribs (Full Rack) (1.2kg/PKT)

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You won't need an oven to enjoy remarkably amazing ribs because we'll take care of it for you here.


Brushed and seasoned with deliciously tangy and mildly sweet barbecue sauce, our irresistibly smoky, exceedingly flavourful and tender ribs are made from top-grade Iberico pork famed for its natural marbling and superb buttery flavour. All of this oven-baked to perfection.


We'd say you'll be wonderfully surprised by how incredibly good it really is.



Weight :

Full Rack

1.2 kg to 1.3kg (for 4 to 5 persons)


Type :

Freshly Oven-Baked (Frozen Fresh)



Reheating Instructions :

At room temperature, place food-safe thermal bag(s) in boiling water for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove pork ribs from bag and place on dish. Ready to serve. 

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