[YOCORN] Tricholoma Matsutake Dumpling 松茸时蔬饺 (24PCS/513G/PKT) - Frozen - Vegetarian Food -素食

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INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, drinking water, cabbage, Agaricus blazei 13%, Matsutake mushroom 4%, shiitake mushroom, white fungus, carrot, yuba, olive vegetable, vegetarian oyster sauce (shiitake, vegetable oil, edible salt, white sugar), penut oil, sesame oil, ginger, Edible salt, soy sauce, white sugar, tapioca starch, mushroom essence seasoning, spices.

Product features:
1. No preservatives
2. No food colouring
3. No MSG
4. Jifushu dumpling skin are made of high-gluten wheat flour with a strong wheat taste.
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